October is one of my absolute favourite times of the year. I eagerly await October 1st with a huge list of books I want to read and chunky sweaters I’m dying to wear. I also love the food we get to eat in fall (mmmm hearty soups). So I thought I’d share some of my favourite fall inspired things. Here goes!

The Food
Martha Stewart’s Meatless cookbook is one of my absolute favourites to cook from, and the recipe I return to the most in the colder months is her White Cheddar Corn Chowder (which is also available online!) This is thick, delicious and so hearty. One batch makes enough for quite a few meals and it makes the house smell fantastic while it simmers. I also love Pumpkin Muffins in the fall. Pumpkin-flavoured things can be tough. I may not be able to devour a pumpkin pie, but these muffins are delicious. A friend of mine used to make them every October and when I moved away, I craved them as soon as it got cold. The cream cheese and pumpkin combo is perfect.

The Candle
I’ve already talked a lot about my love for candles, but fall ones are my favourite. Chapters Indigo carries a Mulled Cider candle that has to be my absolute favourite. It’s pricey, which really sucks, but it’s something I’m okay with treating myself to. I’ve had it for a few weeks and haven’t even lit it yet, but just having it on my night stand gives off a soft scent. Mmmmm.


The Books
Reading books with a little scare factor during October is so satisfying. Last year, I read Salem’s Lot and the year before, Rebecca. If you’re a fan of graphic novels, I highly recommend the Locke and Key series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Perfect chilly read! This year, I have a long list of potential contenders and have decided to get through as many of them as I can from now until Halloween. Wrapping yourself up in a big blanket and reading into the late night with the windows open? It doesn’t get much better!

The Movies
I am NOT a horror film lover. Not even close. I’ve spent way too many sleepless nights watching my door like a hawk after freaky movies (hellooooo Paranormal Activity). But, that being said, I watch at least one in October. I love more eerie movies. Picturesque, atmospheric, gothic type films. This year, I can’t wait for Crimson Peak to come out. Just the opening shot of that old Victorian mansion/castle gave me a chill!

Harry Potter
For some reason, fall and winter are my favourite times to get into Harry Potter. I rewatch some of the movies, and continue on with my reading of the books. I just love the descriptions of Hogwarts in the colder months!

And that’s about it!  What types of things do you like to do as the weather gets chillier?


One thought on “October Ready

  1. Yay for October and crisp Fall days! I’m definitely going to have to try that pumpkin muffin recipe!! I have a pumpkin cookie recipe I got from one of my old co-workers that’s my go to when it comes to fall baking! They are SO GOOD!

    And did you know Crimson Peak was filmed in Canada! Some of the scenes are even from Hamilton! My uncle got to be an extra when they were filming up near Ottawa. He had to grow a beard for it and everything haha!

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