It’s been a week since I began #15in31 reading challenge, so I thought I’d do a quick update post. October and November are my two absolute favourite months for reading. There is something atmospheric about this time in my apartment. My absolute favourite place is my bedroom. Somehow, I got lucky in the bedroom department when I moved to Toronto, and my room is quite large with 3 bay windows. My landlord likes to keep the house pretty toasty, so I usually keep the windows open just a bit. On a late October night, I relish those nights where I can take a long hot bath, get into my comfiest pjs and hop into bed with a book. I leave the windows open (especially when it rains) to let that crisp air cool off the room. I put on my mulled cider candle and voila. My idea of the perfect reading atmosphere.

This, combined with the fact that I’m dying to read some eerie books (see what I did there, har har), and am a little behind in my reading challenge, made the #15in31 very appealing. Also, I love a challenge.

That being said, this week’s wrap up is anticlimactic. I haven’t finished… anything. BUT! I’ve read a lot. I just want to read so many things that it’s resulted in 4 half finished books. Fear not, I will finish something this weekend, I swear.

I’m currently:
* 40% of the way through The Martian and I’m having a love-hate relationship with it. I love the setting, the characters, the idea behind it, but the science stuff is weighing me down. I’ve had multiple people tell me to just read without trying to understand everything and I will enjoy it so much more, but I just can’t. If it weren’t for the abundance of things I don’t understand, this would be perhaps one of the best books I’ve ever read.
* 45% of the way through Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things. I’ve had this forever, and one of my coworkers is a HUGE advocate for the book, but I hadn’t picked it up yet. Then a friend of mine who was reading it  photocopied one of the letters that made him think of something I was going through, and I immediately began the book. I read 100 pages in one sitting. It is so wonderful. Now I just need a night off to read the rest!
* 10% of the way through After You by Jojo Moyes. I adored Me Before You years ago, and have been eagerly awaiting this sequel. But I want to devote all of my attention to it and right now, attention is devoted to The Martian so I can finally go see the movie with my fiancée, who is (somewhat) patiently waiting for me to finish the book. But soon.. SOON!
* 20% of the way through The October Country by Ray Bradbury. I have been on the hunt for some good Halloweeny books to read and short stories have proven the perfect commuting reads. I fell in love with the ideas of some of these stories (catacombs in Mexico where people who haven’t paid their “burial plot rent” are dug up and placed? Yep.) sounded perfect. Also, that cover!  The mass market cover is the same cover that the book was originally published with and it is perfection!

So, I’m getting there.. slowly. I’m hoping to get started on Coraline, The Graveyard Book and The Birds very soon. It may not seem overly promising now, but I do expect to hit (at the very least) 10 books this month! Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “#15in31 Update (The First)

  1. I finished The Martian last week! And I have to say, your friend is right about the science stuff. Don’t think about it too hard! I had to ask my husband if that science stuff was going to be a big part of the whole book and he assured me that it wouldn’t be like that the whole way through. I agree that it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while. If nothing else, the last page is worth reading!
    I so want to read After You but I don’t know if my heart is ready!? Keep us posted!
    I keep reading about Tiny Beautiful Things today. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something?
    Good luck with your challenge! Sounds like you have the perfect spot in your house to get it done!

    • I can’t recommend Tiny Beautiful Things highly enough. If I had to pick one book to make every single person read.. this may be it! It’s definitely going to be my go-to gift. It’s absolutely beautiful and touching!

  2. Ugh I was hoping to read The Martian before seeing the movie too but I’m not sure it’s going to happen!

    I’m listening to The Graveyard Book on audiobook right now with Neil Gaiman as the narrator! I didn’t realize what a great reader he is! His voice has the just the perfect eeriness to it and he does an amazing job bringing the characters to life! I would highly recommend it! You can listen to it while you make dinner or are stuck on the subway :)

    • I’m doing awfully, so nothing to admire here haha. Sometimes I just love the existence of a challenge but this one is kicking my ass.
      Will definitely check out your novella goal!

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