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In just a few days, we will be ushering in the new year and I, for one, am PUMPED. I’m going to do something a little different this year, and NOT wrap up my 2015. I make goals every year, and before January 1st, I assess how I did with those goals. But this year, I reached none of those goals, and to be honest (other than my Goodreads challenge) I almost forgot what they were.

One thing I was super proud of, was the books I actually purchased. In 2014, I spent a whopping $700 on books. Carrying around a notebook and writing down all the books I brought home and how much they all cost opened up eyes to something, rather obvious: I had a serious problem. This year, my spending was under control. I thought about all of my purchases and whether or not I really wanted them. Less books entered my house, more books were donated than ever before and THAT was a huge accomplishment to me. I’ll never be a minimalist when it comes to books, but I can at least keep a more curated selection at home. Why hold on to things I didn’t love? Most of my collection now reflects books I WANT to read, or loved, and not ones I read and felt “meh” about. Which leads to my big challenge for this coming year..


My girl, Andi created this challenge to encourage readers to read the unread books on their own shelves at home. I’m guilty of hoarding a ton of unread books, so this is perfect for me. I went through my Goodreads shelf and put a ton of books on their own shelf to remind me of the treasure trove I have in my own home. This year, I’m hoping to get through a good chunk of backlist titles, so this is perfect to help.

Lastly, Goodreads challenge goals! This year, my goal was 65 books and right now I have the potential of reaching that within the next few days, but JUST BARELY. So next year, because I always require a challenge, I’m going to set my goal at 70 books. For some reason, I love even numbers, so the 7 is killing me but I always want to put my goal SLIGHTLY out of my reach so there is an actual challenge in it’s completion.

So, as an overview, this years goals are as follows:

  • #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks – let’s say, for numbers sake, at least one old book a month, so 12 for the whole year.
  • 70 books in total in 2016!
  • Keep buying less, and carefully choosing which books to actually purchase.
  • Keep donating the books I don’t love and only keep the ones that mean the most to me.

Sounds reasonable and fun to me! What are your main goals for 2016? Or do you prefer to be free as a bird? Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you all enjoy a lovely start to 2016!


7 thoughts on “2016 – Oh the Possibilities!

  1. Gonna try to be more of a free bird next year in terms of reading! The number 15 keeps popping into my head as the GR challenge for the year, but I want to fill 2016 up with big books! I have so many at home and on my tbr. It MUST BE DONE!

    Hope you get through your goals. :)

  2. Way to go you! I’m scared to find out how much I actually spend on books. Although I do feel like this year I bought far fewer than normal and I used the library really regularly which was a big game changer for me.
    More importantly – what 2016 calendar are you going to get??? I’m not ready to say good bye to the Rifle Monarchs.

    • I KNOW! My Monarchs calendar is just for the gorgeousness but my actual work calendar that I use every day is the Rifle Appointment Calendar and I love it. Way too expensive, but I wait for my local paper shop to put their calendars on 30% off and go grab it then. Then I use all the coloured pens to plan my life haha. I’m definitely keeping Monarchs to cut up and frame though :).
      And ohhh yes, tracking money made me pay a LOT of attention to my spending. I took my total cost number from 2014 and cut it in half. I was pretty happy lol. But your library dedication is wonderful so I think you’d be a-okay :).

      • I’m totally going to do the same thing with my Monarchs calendar. I love it like I’ve never loved a calendar in my life.
        Library dedication has definitely been a game changer for me. Long may it continue!

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