Books Bought:
* None!

Books Read:
* Red Rising – Pierce Brown
* Golden Son – Pierce Brown

Good lord! It feels like I’ve blinked and missed an entire month. Right now, my life feels like its on fast-forward. Two special work projects have kept me in our office well into the evenings. Our wedding is coming up to the 6 month mark and despite my hopes that our “casual, less-formal-more-fun” approach to the whole event would make it less demanding to plan, it has been a lot. I’m not a decisive person, which makes the millions of decisions couples need to make, even for a relaxed ushering into married life, feel overwhelming. (Thank goodness for the patience of my loved ones.) And of course, there is the travelling, of which there will be a lot more in the coming months. In October and November, I got used to a bit more of a hermit lifestyle: lots of nights at home,  lots of time to read, lots of time in pjs, the whole (wonderful) picture. Now, I keep waiting for a sign that things may start to slow down, and yet..

However, in March, I do plan to read. A lot. After just missing my Goodreads goal by a hair last year, I started this year with a stoic determination to not only kick last year’s goal’s ass, but to better my reading habits in general. I vowed to not read a million things at once and to work through books on my own shelves. I swore I’d buy less, and no longer fixate on the desire to always be reading the most recent “it” book. While I’ve succeeded in not buying much at all, that could be thanks to my lack of time to even go to a bookstore. The rest of the goals: not going so well.

Now, onto the books! My wallet was very pleased that I decided to reign in my book-buying impulses, but was rather disappointed that I calmed some stress with clothing retail therapy. In March, no spending is allowed. Maybe one book.. or two.

Basically, my whole month was dedicated to Pierce Brown. At the end of January, I found out that my work would be getting to have a lunch with Pierce Brown. Though his books had been on my to-read pile for years, I hadn’t touched them yet. So, challenge accepted! I began Red Rising right away and made it my goal to finish the entire series (Morning Star came out on February 9th) before the meeting. Sadly, the aforementioned work projects kept me from having a ton of time to read in the evenings, and I was 100 pages from the end of Golden Son (Book 2) when the lunch happened. I endured some spoilers but came out relatively unscathed. Pierce was a ton of fun to talk to (and look at, who are we kidding) and even suggested we take a group photo holding him up. It went well.

Pierce Brown

And the books? Fantastic! The series is so well realized and action packed. For those of you who have read it .. Sevro? Sevro!! And for those who haven’t, really, don’t wait as long as I did. So many people have said “ah yes, I heard that was good, but I’m not a scifi fan.” Do not be discouraged by the genre definition. The series as a whole is absolutely brilliant. I’m partially though the last book, Morning Star, right now and am contemplating using one of my last vacation days to stay in my pjs and read all day.

Along with Morning Star, I’m reading A Mother’s Reckoning, which is the memoir of Sue Klebold, mother to Dylan Klebold, who was one of the Columbine shooters. 16 years after the tragic events of that day, Klebold is finally speaking out in hopes of helping others with her story. On that day, she lost her son, both physically and the person she thought he was. She has endured years of threats and displaced hatred, while still coping with the loss of a child and the realization that she may have not truly known her own son. The only word I can used to describe it is “harrowing”. You can see some of her story in this interview. It’s a terrifying and very sad read, but one worth checking out (so far)!

I’d say things should go back to normal soon in my life, but with news of my fiance potentially taking a job up north, I’m thinking the abnormality might just be getting started! Here’s hoping I’ll be able to read and write on here more frequently, but if not, I hope you all have a wonderful March!


6 thoughts on “February in Review

  1. I’m almost done with Red Rising on audio and I’m trying to decide if I want to continue with the series and, if so, on audio or print. The way the Golds are narrated is so grating to me! Like, stop talking like such snobs all the time… which I guess is the point but also kind of annoying :) I guess it’ll depend on what the cliffhanger at the end of the book is like and if I can get the second book in print from the library to try it out. I’m glad you enjoy them though — gives me some spark to keep going!

    • Ooooo.. if you are annoyed by the voices, totally try reading the book instead! The twists in Golden Son are fantastic and I’d hate for you to give up because of the audio!

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