Book people LOVE the fall. It’s not just the smells or the leaves or the chillier weather. The fall is book season; when all the highly anticipated novels from all our favourite authors are released. Unlike most other seasons, these books are announced way in advance to stir up excitement and basically make the summer feel like one of two things:
a) The chance to catch up on all the authors previous work in preparation OORRRRR…
b) The longest time to wait for something that sounds too good to be true

The line-up this fall has me the most excited I’ve been about a new release season in years. Here we go!

Here I Am – Jonathan Safran Foer (September 6)
It has been ages since Foer had a new book, and though I’m not overly familiar with his books, I’m still excited for this one. I have two of his backlist on my Spring TBR so hopefully by the time this releases, I’ll be a Foer expert!

Commonwealth – Ann Patchett (September 13)
Ahhhh, Ann. Despite only having read a few of her essays, I love her. She owns a bookstore in Nashville. She basically lives the dream. This one sounds like a wonderful family drama!

Today Will Be Different – Maria Semple (October 4)
I LOVED Where’d You Go, Bernadette when it released years ago, so I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Semple has a way of telling tender-hearted stories with the perfect amount of humour. Very little description is available but I can’t wait for this!

The Good People – Hannah Kent (October)
This sounds like a pretty big depart from Burial Rites (which I adored) but I will still read whatever Kent puts out next. Such a stunning writer! No cover yet on this one.

Paris for One – Jojo Moyes (November 1)
Jojoooooo! Me Before You took the world by storm and finally, the film is coming! This one is short stories, one set in Paris. It’s like she knows exactly what I want, and it appears! So excited for this.

Which books are you most looking forward to this fall? Am I missing any? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “This Fall Looks GOOD.

  1. Wow! I already knew about Here I am by Jonathan Safran Foer but I had heard nothing about Ann Patchett and Maria Semple’s upcoming books! Super excited now. As far as Foer goes, I loved both Extremely loud and incredibly close and Eating Animals (the latter changed my life), but I still have Everything is illuminated sitting on my tbr (also haven’t gotten to Tree of codes, kind of intimidating). I have only read Bel Canto by Patchett but really loved it! And same goes for Semple, read Where’d you go Bernadette two years ago and loved it! So adding them both to my tbr.
    I haven’t heard much about the fall releases yet (where do you get your information? TELLME) but one of my most anticipated releases of the year is definitely To the bright edge of the world by Eowyn Ivey (in August)! I read her novel “Snow child” a while back and adored it so I can’t wait to see where her writing has gone next.

    • Oh neat! I didn’t know about the Eowyn Ivey one! That’s exciting :).
      And I work in the book industry haha, so I guess it’s cheating a little. But mostly I check my favourite author’s Goodreads pages every so often to see if anything is coming :).

      • Well, it probably helps, haha. I’m hoping Millions will release an upcoming releases list for the latter half of the year, as they did for the first half. :)

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