I get caught up in life sometimes. I’m overly sentimental, anxious and all those fun things introverts often are. This week, every single evening had something planned: Monday I spent some much-needed quality time with my best friend, Tuesday I went to the gym and then to a signing for a coworker of mine who has published her first novel, Wednesday I took my best friend’s dog for a long walk while she was in a night class, Thursday was drinks for a coworker who got a new job followed by rushing to the grocery store and home to make cookies for her last day at work. Yesterday, I had an appointment directly after work and came home – EXHAUSTED. I had a headache that just wouldn’t quit and passed out at 9pm and slept like a baby until 7:30am this morning. Clearly it was much needed.

This morning, I woke up, browsed the internet (need to get out of the habit of doing that first thing in the morning) and then settled in to finish my current read, Joanna Rakoff’s My Salinger Year. I finished, ruminated on it a little and then logged onto Goodreads to write my review. Then made myself some breakfast and coffee, got back into bed and stared around my room thinking, this is basically my perfect morning.

My room is a mess, like it always is. I wish I were a cleaner person, but at the same time, I don’t. A lived-in room is comforting to me. My pictures are everywhere, my books are LITERALLY everywhere, yesterday’s clothes are piled on my desk, breaking my rules of always putting work clothes away lest they become a mountain of disregarded outfits. My shades are mostly down but my windows are open and the lighting is soft. There are birds going nuts outside the window because it’s FINALLY summertime. My ceiling fan is on and I love it. Ceiling fans are often thought of as out-dated and old school, but mine provides the perfect little breeze that hits your skin when you’re in bed and I adore it! Also, my bed is the most comfortable thing I have ever known and for a few minutes, I just sat here thinking that it is these moments that rejuvenate me.

As I close writing this oddly simple post, my roommate has woken up and has begun cleaning our apartment. Traffic is picking up outside the window and Saturday in the city begins. I snapped a picture halfway through this post, and will put it on here too. It demonstrates the messy I’m talking about, and is the exact vantage point from which I sit. This serves as a little reminder to myself that quiet mornings do happen sometimes, and to take advantage of them when they do. Now, on to start the day! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “This Morning Was Perfect

  1. Those weeks are so exhausting. I’m glad that you got such a perfect morning in return. You obviously recognize when you need some down time to decompress. My whole weekend was basically like that, which is good because next weekend is jam packed and I’m already making plans for weeknights…I’m pre-emptively tired!
    Your room is NOT MESSY AT ALL. What I’m seeing is a cozy, lived in space! My room is like a dark, MESSY, cave.

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