Woohooo! It’s fall!! But before I get to my favourite fall posts, I wanted to chat about some personal stuff first!

Firstly, I’ve decided to no longer put up my Month in Review posts. Though I enjoyed writing them, I began to put most of my content into one post and didn’t have much to say for the weeks that followed. I’ve also stopped tracking my book buying, which has been pretty freeing. I used to track every penny I spent on books to make sure I wasn’t really overdoing it, only to realize there really was no point. I was only complicating things for my own sake and making myself feel guilty in the process. And to be honest, I’m a grown woman and I know when I can and cannot afford to pick up a few extra things. So away with the self-imposed guilt, I say!

Without the Month in Reviews, I’m hoping to now put multiple posts up each month and since the fall is my favourite time to read, I’m already pumped to get going!

Now a few small personal updates! I got MARRIED! After what felt like eons of planning, it finally happened and it may sound cliche but it was one of the most amazing days of my life. For all the complaining I did about the planning process (a huge thank you to my best blogger lady Eva who commented on all my wedding stress posts with encouraging notes about how wonderful the day would be when it finally arrived, you were right!!), and how crappy it felt to plan a wedding when Jay was away, it all fell away the moment I stood around the kitchen table with my best friends and family and said “Alright, let’s get dressed!” And then I married an absolutely wonderful man who has been my partner in crime for nearly 8 years. I beamed, all day long.


Also, now Jay is home! The long distance months are finally over (for now at least) and things are settling back into normalcy for us. Normalcy also means, more reading time for me! Many people have asked if I feel an absence now where all the planning was for the months leading up to the wedding, and I really don’t. Now instead of crawling into bed with my laptop and a huge list of to-dos, I can crawl in with my husband and a book and relax. I love it! (Saying husband is still new. I can’t believe we’re actually married! Husband. Ah!)

And now that the fun life stuff is out, I’m going to go start working on my SEPTEMBER post! My favourite post of the year! Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “Life, Love & What I Wore (Spoiler: It was white!)

  1. Congratulations lady!!! I’m so glad to hear that it was all worth it! It looked like an incredible day. And now you’re married! I am with you about not feeling the loss of planning! I couldn’t believe how much free time I had afterwards. Chilling at home with the husband doing nothing is way better than planning a wedding.

    And now your husband is home too! Bonus! Enjoy your time together! Without self-imposed guilt!

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