Usually, I would begin a post like this saying “how is it already 2017?!” but this year, I can believe it. There was so much packed into 2016, both on a personal and a broader level. So much of it was absolutely wonderful and some of it was solemn and sad. But we are human, after all.

For 2017, I’m not going to be hard on myself, but I will continue to challenge myself. My only goal – to try. This filters into all aspects of my life and helps to guide me in my choices, thoughts and actions. I spent a lot of 2016 being hard on myself, and it was exhausting. When I looked back and realized that the only person setting those expectations on me was myself, it felt like such a waste of energy. So that energy is going to be redirected this year into ‘trying’.

As for books and the blog – no real goals! I want to read 56 books this year, which is the lowest goal I’ve ever really set myself, but that is solely to alleviate some of said pressure. I don’t really count this as a goal, but more of a guideline and something fun to track over the course of the year. I am, however, on a buying ban. When the new year settles a little, and I get back into my routine, I’ll be doing a very large cull of my bookshelves and getting rid of the things that, being honest with myself, I know I will never read. As much as I’d love a huge library someday, if I don’t want to cause problems to the foundation of my current home, I need to lighten up on how many books I hold onto. I’m not full-blown Marie Kondo-ing, but there are definitely a few things I could let go of. And for the blog, I’m planning some more personal posts. My favourite blog posts to read are the ones that tie in books and life. I love seeing into the lives of other readers and connecting based on more than just what we read. So that’s what I’ll do! I have a few planned out, but again, no concrete goals.

I wish all of you the absolute best in 2017! May you have wonderful moments and wonderful reads!


7 thoughts on “2017

  1. I am LOVING the fact that so many people are making their reading goal this year to just enjoy reading. It seems a lot more free flow, more relaxed, less challenge-focused. I feel like book blogging is on the cusp of a 2.0 era :)

  2. Happy New Year Chels! I absolutely love your posts! I wish I was more adamant about posting personal ones on mine. I am totally with you on not making concrete reading goals, so much unnecessary pressure. I set my reading goal for 30, which I the lowest I ever aimed for as well. Good luck to us !

    • Thank you, Reeka! Happy New Year to you as well :). I wouldn’t worry about not posting personal posts – so many people love thoughtful reviews, which is exactly what you do! As my brother-in-law always says to me, “You do you, girl!”

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