The pile of books beside my bed is both a source of excitement, and of dread. Partially because I know that for every book I will read, there will be a few that migrate to my shelves unread instead and will live out their lives gathering dust before I decide to donate them to the library years later. Yesterday, I decided to really go through my books and be honest with myself about the things I won’t be reading. My husband and I drove two huge bags full of books to my local library branch and donated them. It didn’t take long to fill the spaces I had made with books that hadn’t yet moved to the shelves, and then I had to take a very close look at the books I wanted to keep beside the bed, and hopefully read sooner rather than later.

The picture above are the books. In addition to donating a ton, I have also taken a bargain with my husband that I will not purchase another book until April 6th, exactly three months from my last book purchase. In those three months, he’s challenged me to read all the books I bought on my last trip, all of which are included in this stack. I’m up for it!

The thing that is keeping me motivated about these choices are the diversity within them. I have a book about escaping into the wilderness, books by authors of diverse backgrounds, a book I’ve owned for years and never read, a re-read of an old favourite, a thriller, a book from Emma Watson’s book club My Shared Shelf, books on one of my favourite subjects (family), and so much more.

I guess this is a fancy way of posting a TBR but the use of that term is a deathwish for books I own. I make a list, and then completely ignore it in favour of other new and shiny choices. This is away to hold myself accountable. I spent the money, and now I will spend the time.

What books are you looking forward to in the coming weeks? Do you keep a stack beside your bed, pluck one from your shelves when you want to begin it, borrow a bunch from the library and work your way through, or are you the rare bird who buys a book, reads it and buys a new one, one at a time? Happy reading!


9 thoughts on “Beside the Bed

  1. Oh girl, I HEAR you. The pile beside my bed NEVER gets read. I swear, at this point it’s just decor. I always look at that stack and then wander away to look through the two piles beside my chair (fiction and non-fiction), the odd book on the shelves that hasn’t been read or the pile on my little blue cupboard. Or the pile I’ve just brought home from the library! I also have Indigo gift cards that need spending because my in-laws won’t love knowing I still haven’t spent them.

    I tend to collect a lot of new books this time of year, through my birthday in March. After that it all dies down.

    I think the fact that you’ve made a deal with your husband (still get a kick out of saying that?) will make you successful. Husbands are excellent at keeping one on track when money is on the line ;) And April 6th is only three months! I also think that you’re totally right that you have so many different kinds of books in that stack that it shouldn’t be a hardship to read them. You’ll feel so great when you get through them!

    Also, great reminder to go through my own books and look to donate…

    • Hahaha you are very right – husbands do have a way of keeping one on track with money. I’ve been quite good recently, though I’ve been getting an itch to replace some of my wardrobe lol.
      Glad I’m not the only one with stacks beside my bed that I literally don’t touch. Decor is a nice way to describe it!
      Donating is always nice – it makes me feel like the books will have another life with someone else, which is pretty great :).

  2. I don’t think I know one single person who buys one book at a time and then reads it before buying another. Does such a person even exist? :)
    My piles are stacked on my shelves and the windowsill next to what I call my ‘book nook’. I flit from one to another, never really knowing what I’ll choose next. Good luck with your stack – it does look like a good one!

    • A book nook! I love it! Also, I’m glad we can agree that person does not exist lol. It’s an unrealistic expectation in my opinion. Plus, who would want a whole house full of only books they’ve read? What happens when you finish your book in the middle of the night and have nothing new to start? The horror!

  3. I just bought a house in November, and I made a deal with my wife (seeing as we were in a save-all-the-money phase) that I wouldn’t buy a book from September 15th to November 15th. I managed to do it, but oh man was it tough some days. Mostly because going to the bookstore is just a hobby for me. I do it when I’m happy, sad, energized, lethargic, bored, busy, you name it. It’s a huge part of my week every week. I actually still had to go anyway and just peruse the shelves without buying to get the compulsion out of my system a few times.

    So it’s doable :)

    Nice stack, by the way. I, too, have that set of Harry Potter books. Such a gorgeous collection. And Richard Ford is always a great choice! Good luck!

    (Kudos on donating, by the way. We should ALL be doing that more.)

    • I am the exact same – bookstore no matter what the mood. Congratulations on buying a house! That’s so exciting for you both! I’ve never actually read Richard Ford before, so I thought this little one would be a nice place to start!

  4. That is a great-lookin’ stack. I loved The Glass Castle, even though I wanted to shake those parents, and I loved Giovanni’s Room. I just put A Tale for the Time Being back on my priority reading list this morning after they ladies on the Get Booked podcast recommended it. I’m wishing you luck! May your reading moods make it an easy project.

    • Andi! It’s so nice to hear from you :). So glad you loved a few of these. I’ve been working my way through slowly. Hopefully we’ll both get to A Tale For The Time Being soon! And I’m terrified to read Giovanni’s Room. A coworker and friend said it changed his life and I feel like it’s going to break my heart!

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