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Happy New Year Everyone! I know its been ages since my last post, but I swear I haven’t forgotten about the blog at all. Quite the contrary – I think about it all the time! I’ve written countless posts that just felt too pointless to actually publish but I miss chatting about books, and writing about life, so am trying to get back into the swing of things!

I’d say I’ve been busy, but I feel like that is only half true. Instead of ‘being busy’, I feel like my life has become busier. Where I used to have one or two days a week full in my calendar, now I have one or two days free! Whether it is work, or friends, or just the changes of being an adult, I feel like I am almost always moving. And when I stop, the many things I need to do start loading up in my head. One of my goals this year is to slow down, which leads me into … my goals for this year (both bookish, and not!)

The term ‘resolutions’ seems so weighted in assumed meaning (aka: we make goals, assuming we will magically become perfect on January 1st and then abandon them when we go back to our normal routines a few weeks in). Instead, I’ve made some goals. I know (for a solid fact) that I won’t be able to maintain all of this everyday, or even every week, but I do love the idea of working toward it. So here are a few of my bigger ones!

* Read 56 Books (But Only 2 At A Time): The Goodreads Challenge is one of my favourite New Years things. In 2017, I was determined to hit my 56 book goal (but didn’t), because I have never actually completed the challenges I set for myself! I scrambled in the last few weeks of December, reading every short book or comic I could get my hands on, and it just felt.. disingenuous. This year, I will make my goal, but by using tactics I don’t apply right now, mainly that I will only ever read 2 books at a time. Sometimes I get into a rut and start 6 books in a week, and never finish any of them. I get book jealousy, and if someone is reading a book and enjoying it more than I’m enjoying my current read, I immediately want to jump ship. Reading 1-2 books at a time will force me to focus on the book I’m reading, and hopefully finish more books, more quickly!

* Let Go Of Book Guilt & Book Jealousy: When I went on my honeymoon, I read whatever I wanted. I took my time and enjoyed what I read, and didn’t pay attention to what others were reading. I felt more ‘in the zone’ than I’ve felt in years. I’m surrounded in books at all times, so it’s easy to focus on what you could be reading instead of what you are reading, so some discipline is needed. But that’s what makes it a goal! I also am going to let go of the idea that I ‘need’ to read something I’m not enjoying. I’m fine with abandoning books, but sometimes I force myself to keep reading because I feel like I should like it. Enough of that.

* Prioritize Down-Time: My favourite kind of night is just a quiet night in with my husband. Like most bookworms, comfortable pjs, a bath and bed with a book is my idea of heaven. Add my favourite person, and you have the recipe for my ideal night. But that happens so rarely, because I let it not happen. I put so many things before that, and this year, I’d like not to.

* Get Better At Saying No: The way to achieve the above goal, is to start saying no. I remember hearing Sarah Knight’s TED Talk in which she talked about the emotional strain of always saying yes to things. Sarah and Shonda both have great points: say yes to the things that will enrich your life, say no to the things you don’t really have to do. For instance, I enjoy my job, but it comes with plenty of social obligations. Those social nights are full of lovely people, and great conversations, but like so many introverts, I am absolutely exhausted when I get home. So this year, I’m going to be selective about what I say yes to. For me.

* Be Kinder: Kinder to strangers, kinder to loved ones, kinder to myself. We could all strive for this just a little bit more, in every aspect of our lives. So I will continue to try.

Pretty basic! I’ll save you from all the personal growth goals that include (more flossing and moisturizer and less spending money on things I don’t need, etc) but know there are tons of those too.

On a closing note, doesn’t the new year always remind you a little bit of Bridget Jones? It does for me! So Happy New Year to you all! I wish you a wonderful and merry year full of good books!


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